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sounds like they are more for the breeders of those same dogs that end up killed in shelters on a daily basis.


No, Ann, it sounds like they are for OWNERS that work and play with their dogs and would never drop them off at a shelter.

Betty Weakland

Show dogs are happy.
Shelter dogs -homeless, sick, neglected, abandoned, abused, dumped, until they are rescued to a loving home, are broken. Good for Pedigree and their help for the ones people don't want to know about. By the way, I buy Pedigree, and I've seen happy faces on their packaging.
Visit an animal shelter or pound and you'll get the best of what dogs are, but that's what people just can't seem to do.

Mackinize Klima

I have to say.....seeing what I and many rescuers do every day is not for the general public to understand or see. When I tell stories I see disgusted and pure horror in folks eyes sometimes, but I have been doing this 15 years now, have had my own rescue 2 years now. People do want to know what happened to a dog, but befores and afters are the most effective ways, in my opinion. Plus that shows how awesome of a rehab program you have. I do NOT support nor recommend anyone support bug companies like this, HSUS, ASPCA, etc...... Walk into a shelter and say here is a check, call a rescue and say where can I mail a check. These funds do not pay bill shit people's salaries; buy dog food, pay Vet bills, buy toys, etc for the animals before your eyes! A very small percentage of money donated to corporation gets trickled down the drain to the animals.

As far as Purina goes, they have a better product and support both show and rescue dogs. They have done so much for my dogs in 15 years I can't even begin to tell you. I know rescue who get small donations from Pedigree, but I know ones who get tens of thousands of dollars plus free dog food through the Pro Plan Rally to Rescue program. So I support the change.

National Animal Interest Alliance

That is an important observation, Mackinze Klima. Lost in the hullabaloo of this shift is the fact that Purina is a big supporter of rescue dogs -- it's just that in their case, it's not the primary focus, but part of the entire package. From some of the coverage we've seen, you'd think Purina hates rescue dogs!

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