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Sigh! What really bothers me is that legislators too often have absolutely no context for animal welfare debate, and WILL believe such an outlandish figure. And, you're right, it KEEPS COMING BACK no matter how totally and entirely it is debunked. Could we maybe get a Rachel Maddow to include this "statistic" in her Debunktion Junction segment?

Toni P

HSUS also uses fraudulent numbers about their California membership, boasting of over a million in the state. Sometimes, Pacelle and company use terms like "members and supporters" or "members and constituents" but the message to politicians is the same. Support our legislation and you'll receive a million votes courtesy of HSUS.

Former Ohio Governor Strickland, former Senator Rick Santorum, former Congressman Christopher Shays and many others have discovered that supporting HSUS does not result in electoral victories. It is important to let legislators know the real HSUS membership numbers. Any group that would claim to have twelve million members when the true figure is between 500,000 and 1.3 million (depending on definitions), is not to be trusted with the facts about animal welfare issues.

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