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M.E. Papin

As a small animal groomer by trade, my worst dogbite was from a chihuahua.

My very very worst animal injuries were from CATSW! Why are not CATS being targetyed as dangerous animjal;s? And I do not mean only feral/semi-wild cats. The very very worst shredding experience was from a strictly indoor cat. And yes, I am an experienced animal (cat and dog) groomer.

Point being: generalizations re: breed and species are somewhat irrelevant in the realm of real experience. Additionally, it is way-over5due-time to acknowledge that dogs are not responsible for all of the disease/damage/nuisance behaviors etc OVERPOPULATION IN SHELTERS problems in the "world". Yes I love cats too but how about holding CAT owners accountable too? Our local shelters have a much much bigger problem with "overpopulation" of felines than dogs.

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