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"if farms simply open their doors... show the world that they are doing the best possible job they can"

Why do farmers have to do the "best possible job" to begin with? When did anything less than "best" become substandard? The vast majority of Americans are so protected from the gross/dirty jobs that they couldn't stand in a human surgical suite without puking their guts up. There's simply no way to educate the germ phobic society we've become to the realities of farming. I mean, seriously, we're talking about a pet owning public that can't even be present in many vet's offices when their pets must be restrained because they think that restraint is "cruel". These people can be educated to AG realities?

Regan hauschen

The framers in Ia. know all about the fony films that h$u$ peace together. You should read the last two mouths of the farm bureau paper they tell alot about them. There's nothing right about animal rights period.

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