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Kitty Dieterich - An Animal WELFARE advocate, Not Animal Rights!

Gee, she makes a really good chicken. Has the beak for it and no doubt shares the chicken sized brain! What a great spokesperson. Someone should clip her wings and stick her in the free range fields to peck for bugs and seeds! These AR humaniacs are waay too righteous for their own good. I think it's time to limit thier gene pool - Mandatory spay/neuter for all of them! Progeny culling might be in order, too.

M.E. Papin

My neighbors have chickens. They are "free-range" in that they "freely range" around the yard as long as the local coyotes stay away. They also freely range into the road and occasionally get hit by cars. For awhile the people were caging the chickens because coyotes had come down from the hills and were killing them regularly.

But I digress. These chickens mostly walk around, stand around, eat stuff and eat more stuff, dig around, fight with each other, walk around some more, etc etc. They do not fly. They are ground birds. I have never seen them "stretch their wings". So I do not know what is the big deal about chickens "needing to stretch their wings". Sure, enriched (bigger) cages are great. But the people pushing the cage-free thing have not a clue about what animals really do in real life. Leave it to the experts in animal husbandry!

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