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Would like to stay abreast of where we stand with our hands tied behind our back with HSPCA not being able to be chalanged...And court action allowing yellow journalism and animal rights to have full control of what we use to call SPCA,,,,
Since our country has been mortally wounded by anyone who wants to kick us from within.
keep up the good work evewn though it's just yak!

Mark McCormack

This is my first visit to the blog and I have delighted in it - broad selection of interesting subjects so well written. Thank you for a fine piece of work. I certainly will be visiting on a regular basis.

National Animal Interest Alliance

Thank you for the compliment, Mark. We hope to live up to your praise :)


Great blog to keep bloggers unified on issues , hopefully we can get our teeth into some to set the record straight and to make a difference in animal issues and change outdated laws.

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