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Julia Priest

What strikes me as a recent member of the "grow your own" community, is I think much more abut what and how much I am eating. When its just a package in the grocery store, and "Buy One get One Free" sets in, we tend to mass consume... and waste... a lot more meat than we need to. When I have to look at my backyard chickens and say " This one isn't laying eggs any more, so she needs to be soup," I take responsibility for what I consume and how much, and make sure I use every last bit of that hen that gave her life. I'll get stew and soup and some meat and my dogs will get the rest, and each one that comes up will have served a purpose as well as dinner.


At the very least, raising your own plant and animal life forms for consumption brings you intellectually and emotionally closer to your food source, setting the stage for more scrutiny in the direction of factory farming. It opens doors in peoples minds that just weren't there before. Anybody raising animals for food should be held accountable for the safety, comfort, and cleanliness of their operation, whether an urban chicken keeper or commercial farm. I believe allowing people to be responsible instead of keeping everything at a graceful distance will be beneficial for locally and commercially farmed animals.

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