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Jay Kitchener

Hear, hear! Well said, NAIA! Thank you!

Jan Dykema

make sure you get a screen shot of that page.. it could disappear tomorrow poof.. never said that... never ever.. ever..says HSUS just as Wayne never said he has no bond with animals.. even though it is in print.. he never never said that.. just ask one of his followers..he never meant to say "one generation and out".. heck he is more 'nuanced" now.. nuance means.. hmm a subtle difference.. leopard .. meet spots.. nice blog.. now lets' get the HARD questions to Pacelle.. he is soft balled all over the world.. no one ever confronts him directly..

Nancy Glick

Ah Jan, it isn't that no one confronts him directly as much as his evasion of answering direct questions that's the problem. His strong points are bragging himself up and back pedaling about things he's said previously that were either "never said that" or "was taken out of context".

Just Jes

WOOT!! Reading this made my day!!!

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