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When the GREAT RATIONING BOARD is finally assembled, it will be decided that those with false teeth will be relegated to the mystery meat rooms for their false meals. If they cultivate the petripuke with skill and mastery, it should have frankenlegs included, sufficient to enable it to leap into recipients' mouths, right off the plate...Presto! No need for knives or forks anymore, no sharp objects at all anymore - of course, guns will have been outlawed years before all this comes to pass too (no need to shoot your meals anymore..)

Regan H


Sue Cone

Of course, any petri-meat will have to be thoroughly tested - on animals - before it's allowed into the marketplace. I'm sure that would put PETA's panties in a twist.

Hannibal Lechter

Where to begin? OK, I'll take a stab (pun intended) at it. If my choice was between starvation and lab meat, I would go with the lab (not Lab) meat. Other than that, it's the real deal for me.

Besides, would you rather eat an animal that was tended to an cared for, or one that never knew anything other than the cold, sterile environs in a factory lab? And where would the original protein come from anyway? Do you suppose the last cow will give permission for it to be used this way? Where will we get milk? Or eggs? Cheese?

Tell PETA to invest in soy futures and to leave the rest of us alone.

Reality Chick

This seems to be one of the most harmless things that Peta has ever funded. So you aren't interested in eating lab-grown meat? I'm sure it will be so expensive that few people will be able to afford it anyhow.

National Animal Interest Alliance

Agreed, Reality Chick. Granted, there is the "ew" reaction it elicits, but if it helps feed the world, it could prove to be useful or even life-saving.

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