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Tina Thomas Batchelor, RVT

While I don't disagree with the general tone of this article, I do think that if a photograph is used for illustration, it should be one of an actual American Pit Bull Terrier, not one of a "pit-bull type" as the caption states. This particular picture is a purebred Bull Terrier, not the same as a pit bull referred to by the article. Just because PETA and HSUS uses tactics to confuse and confound the reading audience does not mean it is an advantage to do likewise when representing an opposing viewpoint.


@ Tina's comment, maybe this one would be more suitable:


Sorry about the way this image presents - I have seen the photo elsewhere but this was the only way it came up in my search today.

Oh, and if the dog in the photo I provided a link for isn't actually an APBT but some kind of pibble wannabe, please excuse me. That would put me in the ranks of the vast majority of people that can't pick out the pitbull from a lineup of 6-10-20 other breeds of similar appearance.

National Animal Interest Alliance

@Tina: Bull Terriers have been included in several "pit bull" bans; confusion and confoundation was kind of the point.

I realize sarcasm doesn't always fly well over the Internet but it should be pretty obvious that the dog in the picture isn't a pit bull, isn't terrifying or vicious, and most importantly, isn't begging for euthanasia.

Merry Shelburne

There is no such breed as an American Pit Bull Terrier, folks.

M.E. Papin

Sure, bans on breeding or acquiring new "pit bulls" protect them from ending up in the wrong hands: I love the rationale. Protect animals by preventing them from being born! Preventing being born also deprives animals of the possibility of a gracious happy life in a loving home with human and other companions, and deprives them of THEIR PART in the ongoing process of Creation. The foundational ideology of the AR movement (peta, h$u$)is anti-Creation and Anti-Creator! It is human pride and hubris at its worst! Try applying that rationale to humanity: protect from abuse by preventing births. Protect from abuse by allowing murder. Maybe the ZPG folks think this but I sure don't.

Just Jes

@ Merry Tell that to the American Pit Bull Terrier Association who do take their "breed" seriously. The link to their national club follows:


The entire point of this article was sarcasm and getting the point across that BSL IS BS!

NAIA has never utilized PeTA or HSUS style tactics with anything and to even suggest that tells me you just don't know enough about this organization.


Oh snap! I'm going to have to inform my 65 year old, station wagon driving, church secretary, mother that she isn't a "nice family", after she drove 45 minutes to an inner city shelter searching for the "perfect pitty", oh man, she is gonna be heart broken, I'm sure she thinks that Sissy, is the most pampered pit ever, fully fenced huge yard, car rides everyday, long walks on the local hike/ bike path with her friends and.. Oh crap.. There are 3 more senior ladies that walk with her and they ALL went to the same inner city shelter to get "pit bull type" dogs too..
That damn Ingrid, she is gonna make me ruin these ladies day...:( , Ya know what,screw her,screw PETA, and HSUS.. I'm not telling these ladies they aren't nice by the standards PETA has set forth, because PETA wouldn't like stand a chance in a scuffle with these gals!! I'll take my 4 pit bull type dogs and stand behind them, mean while, I dare Ingrid to tell them those dogs would be better off dead!!

Aimee Chagnon

Well, my husband is an architect and I'm a medical doctor. We have adopted pit bulls from 3 different shelters and will continue to rescue pit bulls (pit bull type dogs). We love the breed. It is unbelievable to state "nice families" don't adopt pit bulls. Just one more reason that PETA should be considered poor representatives of the animal rights world.

Dawn, Fluff N Furr Angora

Actually, I think that PETA is a prime example of the animal rights' world. They're often a bit more open about their objectives, that's all. Now, it would be accurate to say that PETA (nor any AR group) is not a representative of the animal LOVERS world.

Tina Thomas Batchelor, RVT

The United Kennel Club organization in the U. S. does recognize and register the breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier. So, if your definition of a "breed" is that it is recognized by an organization that registers purebred dogs, then the American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed.

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