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Jay Kitchener

Since Morrisey's "music" repulsed me the first time I heard it back in the 1990's, I've ignored him. I honestly didn't know he was such an animal rights extremist. Now it all makes sense. Thanks, NAIA!

Sue Cone

Wonder what they think should happen to male chicks of the egg-laying breeds?

National Animal Interest Alliance

Jay: Repulsive or not, The Smiths were a very talented band, and ridiculously influential -- especially when you take into account how briefly they were together. Morrissey has one of the most unique voices of the last fifty years, and Johnny Marr (an animal activist since at least the mid 1980s) is an excellent guitarist. Morrissey's solo work has been pretty successful, too, especially in the UK.

This isn't to say Morrissey's intolerance of other lifestyles is something we condone (even if it's just part of his shtick). But we give him credit for his hand in creating a lot of highly acclaimed music.

Sue: depends on the view of the individual or the organization. We have found no widely-used label that explicitly forbids the euthanasia of unwanted male chicks, though there are several hardline animal rights organizations who have been vocal in opposition to the practice. Of course non-incrementalist animal rights organization wouldn't label any animal product as "humane," so we're not likely to see such a label anytime soon.

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