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ChemSpay doesn't work and it's carcinogenic.


National Animal Interest Alliance

Therese: I think it's way too early to make a blanket "doesn't work" statement. And as to whether it's carcinogenic... well, even if it is, is the risk closer to that of using artificial sweeteners or inhaling asbestos for twenty years? We really don't know yet.

By the same token, I have seen more than a few irresponsible claims about ChemSpray being a godsend, and read Dr. Mayer herself making claims that the pill version is "without side effects." I also take issue with these statements. Let's wait and observe the 20 or so dogs who took the pill for the course of their life before saying it's perfectly safe, K?

On the bright side, we'll have a much better idea of how effective this is very soon, given the upcoming India trip -- though we won't know about the side effects for much longer.

Just Dog

Very strange. I can't see this going main stream.

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