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Mimi Cary Drake

National Animal League

Marcella Smith

I like NAIA. It will roll off the tongue better with more recognition!

But if you really want to change it how about Sensible Animal Owners! lol

Roberta Pliner

We are all animal owners. What about
National Animal Owners Alliance, NAOA. It's
easy to pronounce, easy to remember, and
close enough to NAIA for people to make the

Laura Sanborn

Not all members of NAIA are involved due to animal ownership. Some are members because their work or interests involve animals. Putting "animal owners" in the organization's name would not be accurate.

Merry Shelburne

National Animal Coalition - NAC. To the point, easy to remember, rolls off the tongue. (I couldn't find the list of current AR groups to see if such a name already exists.)

Mimi Cary Drake

NATIONAL ANIMAL LEAGUE - I didn't give my suggestion a good plug when I posted it the other day. I will do that now. I like the word LEAGUE better than the word COALITION because:
(1) It's shorter (one syllable instead of three) and simpler to say.
(2) It's more permanent (see Merriam Webster definitions) in the joining of forces, not temporary as in coalition.
(3) It connotes more unity, encompassing different interests coming together under one common denominator, to benefit animals.

Mimi Drake

Definition of LEAGUE
1a : an association of nations or other political entities for a common purpose b (1) : an association of persons or groups united by common interests or goals
Origin of LEAGUE
Middle English (Scots) ligg, from Middle French ligue, from Old Italian liga, from ligare to bind, from Latin — more at ligature

a : the act of coalescing : union b : a body formed by the coalescing of originally distinct elements : combination
: a temporary alliance of distinct parties, persons, or states for joint action

Deb Hays

American Animal Alliance - I like the "American" term, as opposed to the "National" term.

Or - how about American Animal League....
Or - American Animal Coalition


I was going to suggest "Responsible Animal Owners of the United States", abbreviation RAO-US, but someone objected to the use of "owner" as excluding those who don't own animals, but use them.

Still, something along that line might do -- but by changing the name, we are throwing away 20 years worth of whatever name recognition we have...

Merry Shelburne

I Googled some of the suggested names, and AAA is the Animal Argiculture Alliance. The Animal League is apparently short for the North Shore Animal League. The National Companion Animal Coalition is a Canadian organization.
How about the United States Animal Coalition - USAC? Or the Animal Coalition of the United States - ACUS? Or U.S. Animal Alliance? USAA. Or AAUS.

Mimi Cary Drake

There is no way to avoid having the same acronym as at least 2 or 3 other organizations, unless you choose an odd (difficult to remember) or long name. If you search under acronym or abbreviation, you will find many sites, each with their own databases that seldom even overlap.

For example, in the cat fancy alone, NAR stands for both North Atlantic Region (a CFA zone) and National Abyssinian Rescue (my baby!). And for the acronym AAA - the duplications are literally endless, just for names starting with the word 'American', never mind some other 'lesser' word.

If the other organizations carrying the same acronym as yours are much smaller, then it's just 'fingers crossed' they won't bother you. They probably won't. Avoidance of an identical acronym belonging to a major corporation may be prudent.

My personal preference is not to use a word in the name that projects a sense of limitation or exclusivity, or connotes restricted coverage of the areas of interest. The use of any word that is more all-embracing (e.g. International v. National) is appealing to me. Just my take.

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