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The problem is that we are living in a world that has far too much emphasis on ideology and what makes a person feel good than it does in the actual realities of life. The natural habitat is disappearing and no matter what drastic steps we take , it isn't coming back. We have to actively take the role of caretakers for all of our animal populations. This means that regardless of what these animal "rights" extremists think, we have to start caring for all of the animals and yes that means keeping them in captivity. While some (mostly the lower level AR crowd are well meaning . They are more often than not misled by those with alterior motives. We are seeing the effects of their "crusade" when we see species teetering on the edge of extinction. We can either work to preserve these species for future generations or they will die out. The other option is one of us has to go and that means either humans are euthanized to preserve the habvitat or animals go extinct while humanity prospers. Truthfully I don't want to see either humans or animals die out, but if we are honest then any of us that know any animal rights extremists can attest to the fact that they would rather see both sides die than see animals being cared for by humans.


Humanity won't prosper if the animals go. We've been living closely with animals throughout our long development; we have documented proof that we had domestic dogs fourtenn thousand (14,000) years ago.

The AR extremists can't bear the thought of animal lovers keeping animals; they have now co-opted the privilege, so as to be able to kill them at the earliest opportunity. The real problem with this facility, from their point of view, is that the animals won't be abused, and will live out their lives in comfort at the hands of people who love elephants and know how to care for them. As PeTA has proven so often,the sooner domestic animals are all dead, the better things will be.

To them, animal ownership = animal abuse, and that's what their well meaning but naive followers can't seem to grasp.

It's redundant to say I hope they lose their suit, but I really, really do.


Animal Rights = self loathing. Period.

People need to become aware that the use of any word to describe something that can not even exist is pure marketing and propaganda. "Rights" conjures up the idea of "Human" rights, so if you are for "Rights" you are against all things bad...slavery, child abuse etc. etc. Of course "Animal" rights has to also be good and moral. Only no one asks themselves how absurd the notion is. There can be no rights without language...without a way of saying what rights you want. Animals did not elect a group of people in Washington to speak for them!

We need to stop using the term "Animal Rights" and rename it what it really is which is the hatred and revulsion of humanity.

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