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Mikki Herman

Interestingly, we are entering a time where the small, family farm may be making a comeback. In my area, there are farms appearing, emphasizing grass fed animals; chickens, beef, goats, pig and lamb. Organic or grass fed dairy is available as well. The market for locally grown, humanely grown, superior meat and dairy is growing. Young families are choosing farming as a lifestyle and many hold their doors open with pride.

* Quoting Brandeis is always a good thing...

Laurella Desborough

It is an interesting idea to have members of the public able to visit or see farming activities. In the "old days" school kids from the cities would be taken on farm visits as part of their education. But, with the increase in the concern for lawsuits by the school boards, that pretty much ended the visits of school kids to farms, unfortunately.

I wonder if these farm visits by members of the public will require local county permits for parking or "public events", setting up public toilets on the farm, having the farmer obtain insurance to protect himself from lawsuits when a visitor trips over a bucket while reaching over to pet a friendly cow????

National Animal Interest Alliance

Haha... yeah, if it ain't one thing, it's another.

Life isn't fair. :)

That said, I have yet to read anything about a farm being sued over parking/public toilet issues, so I'll keep fingers and toes crossed for now!

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